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The Enlightened Majority

My sense is that a generation of Baby Boomers has waited long for what is about to happen … I am coming to believe that an “enlightened majority” awaits … not unlike the Silent Majority…

Buffalo Chips, revisited

For centuries, we have relied on stored solar energy. I don’t care if it is crude oil, coal or buffalo chips – they are: sunlight + photosynthesis + heat + time + pressure = power…

The Sustainability Sector

OK, I’m back. I got a job. It’s great. In fifty working days, sales are up about 200%. Gratifying. I came across an article “Could Solar Panels Become the Next Ubiquitous Technology”  that demanded comment….

Min 2 – Is Peace a Radical Idea?

Within the context of The Overton Window, how many people would think “Peace” is a radical idea? If you believe the Bible, there is ample evidence that being a peacemaker is a very desirable characteristic,…

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