High Growth Economic Sectors Are Like Train Stations

In the broadest possible terms, high growth economic sectors appear to emerge every thirty or so years. Think of them like trains, except their journeys run long enough to capture a significant portion of the lives and productive capacity of entire generations. For example, right after World War II, the automotive and aerospace industries hit the ‘hockey stick’ growth phase. While they may not have dominated the entire economy, they played a big part in fostering enthusiasm and excitement, thereby dominating our collective imagination.

In the mid-1970s, as those industries met the market’s inevitable obstacles and their growth became linear rather than exponential, personal computers and software, communication, and bio tech engaged the attention, productive capacity and imagination / innovative capabilities of the upcoming generation. Now, we are once again poised, anxiously awaiting the emergence of the new frontier that will capture the imagination of The Rising Generation. Successful progression of the human species demands a new field of opportunity that will get the creative juices of those who have the verve to build on where the world has been and where they want to take it. Naturally, this must also resonate with people who still have influence and power … and perhaps can still dream.

The challenge, of course, is to articulate something that is big enough for everyone to get excited about.

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