Solar Industry Branding — WIIFM = The Tipping Point

SolarPlaza is an excellent compendium of solar and renewable energy projects throughout the world. In response to a recent post by Paul Van Der Linden (, I asked … 

Would SolarPlaza be interested in inviting members of the global solar industry to participate in a working group whose objective is to arrive at a characterization that associates those who “Go Solar” with a compelling identity? 

Let’s say we all anxiously await the time when solar hit its well-deserved tipping point. What messaging is going to be more effective?

  • Do we stay the course with our jargon-filled dialogue? or … 
  • Craft an industry-wide message that says “I’ve gone solar and I’m cool.” 

I contend that, as an industry, it is essential to our interests to explain “Why should I go solar?” in terms that strike to the center of the soul — in other words, to our emotions. 

Put another way, until such time as the solar industry abandons the jargon and crafts an effective answer to the WIIFM question, we don’t hit our tipping point!

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