What do you think?

A Conemarra Pony -- they can jump 8', but at 14.2 hands, still qualify as a pony

I don’t have the credentials to back my opinion, but I am betting science is close to discovering that life is perfect.

Humans are out of sync most of the time, but that’s just because we are wired to think we are the center of the universe.

A bulls-eye life ends up being one in which we overcome whatever mass of contradictions our personal unit is heir to and strike a balance – wouldn’t the ultimate goal to become of one heart with the world and its creator, the Savior?

I keep trying to catch the little glimpses of life which bear witness to this truth … I’ll suggest that this is what Zen is all about and a life lived according to the proper application of the philosophy should march one up to the Savior’s Gate with a spirit that is well-prepared for whatever comes next.

Like I said, no scientific cred to back the theory, but it appears the whole thing is built based at least in part on a system of quantum entanglement.

What do I know?

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