“Is that your costume?”

What's important by Mark Twain
If you try to 'Be Here Now," is the second phase ongoing?

Asks my colleague, Ken Rose, this morning.

I was wearing a normal day-to-day outfit (white shirt, 30 year old blue sweater, navy slacks, colorful socks, black Santoni shoes my wife picked out, glasses, full head unkempt grey hair) suitable for going to a client lunch.

I said, “Yes, as I am an eternal being engaged in a brief mortal experience, just like the other seven and half billion people on the earth today, this is my fleshy costume.”

This trip through our mortal Fun House is kind of like going to an amusement park that has a bumper car ride, with a twist. Please note that experienced participants in any amusement park rides where you do the driving know that one must first check out the available rides so you pick out the best one for you.

Mortality is different. Remember, you are, even now, a spirit inhabiting a ‘fleshy tabernacle’ and you are having a brief mortal experience. You, like everybody else, arrived on Mother Earth courtesy of your mother.

I repeat — you are a mature, eternal spirit — when you were born, you were placed into a vessel, the operation of which you knew NOTHING. Not about its care or feeding or operation. You couldn’t even walk to start with and the epithet ‘crud’ has special meaning for the first few years of life.

“Is this my costume?” Yep. And I suspect that, once I have shuffled off this mortal coil and can rejoin all the family and friends that have gone before, the details of mortality will likely fade away like a Narnian wardrobe interlude.

Hopefully I learned what I was supposed to. Everybody else, too.

Hint: if you are currently thinking or acting like he who dies with the most toys wins, you may wish to reconsider.

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