Celebrate the transition from the purely Hydrocarbon Era (“HE”) to the blended Solar Hydrocarbon Era (“SHE”)

A Worldwide Day of Unity, Singing & Celebration

Proclaiming the HE-2-SHE NRG (‘Energy’) Transition

We declare October 15, 2019 to be the day humanity makes the transition from the purely Hydrocarbon Era to a blended Solar Hydrocarbon Era.

It’s time for changes in social and cultural landscape We assert that humans cannot fill the measure of their creation until women’s viewpoints and leadership and objectives are considered and embraced, all the while striking an equitable gender balance at every level of human existence, from the home to the White House.[1]

Photovoltaic power is changing the energy landscape – The fact that humanity can now instantly convert sunlight to electricity obviously disrupts our current energy paradigm, and presents an opportunity to lift all of humanity to a higher, more rewarding standard of living if we make it a top priority. This could herald a renaissance for all of humanity.

Accordingly, on October 15th, the Golden Anniversary of the Vietnam Moratorium[2], we begin our journey, and at each successive year, will pause to celebrate our shared humanity, all-the-while marking and measuring our progress towards achieving peace in each and everyone’s neighborhood. We will mark this first day of the Solar Hydrocarbon Era with a global celebration – of singing and joy and gladness in our neighborhoods and communities and schools and parks – everywhere! We are one race, and can live together peaceably.

We assert that humans are more similar than different. Although there are some seven and a half billion of us scattered throughout many continents and nations, every one of them had a mother. While our skin color and gender and religious convictions may differ, while our histories and backgrounds and circumstances will have given us different viewpoints, each of us laughs and loves and cries and grieves and learns and bleeds in much the same way. If that’s not enough, it should be. Mothers say so.

We further assert that this “NRG Transition” heralds a change in point-of-view. There are enough resources and to spare on this earth. We are in this life together; we have duties and responsibilities to ourselves, to our families and to each other, to the communities and nations in which we live, to the enterprises through which we earn our livings and to any higher forces in which we may believe.

Together, we can and will make the world a better place.  This is another step in our journey to use our personal and collective resources to shoulder life’s duties and responsibilities. Having some fun would be good, too.

We are prepared to meet life’s challenges … together.

[1] If you are in a nation other than America, please note that this is a symbolic statement.

[2] At the time, the world’s largest peace demonstration – it took a while, but it signaled the end of the War.

The Declaration – PDF Version

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