It’s the ROI – An Excellent Economic Argument for Going Solar

I look at a lot of solar installer websites each day. There is an outfit in Southern California called Premier Solar, and they have hit the last nail on the head — this is the argument that really puts solar over the goal line.

The primary advantage of solar is that when a solar system generates savings for a homeowner its yield is not taxable. Typically, a solar system will yield a ten to fifteen percent return per year. More specifically, a ten percent yield from solar generates at least a fifteen percent yield before taxes. It is almost impossible to find a ten percent annual after tax yield on an investment in today’s economy that is as safe and secure as solar.

How much value does a solar energy system add to your home? The best summary is from an appraisal journal article written some time ago that states that any energy improvement made to your home adds twenty times the yearly energy savings in value. So, if a solar system saves you $1,000 a year in energy, it adds $20,000 to the value of your home. Few home improvements both add value to your home AND produce a valuable commodity year after year.

In addition, studies by the U.S. Department of Energy have shown investing in solar energy increase a home’s value by an average of $17,000. Additional studies have shown solar powered homes sell twice as fast.” —

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