It’s a Beautiful Day

It's a Beautiful Day ... yes?

Are people throughout the world ready to hear a simple plan that will start the long journey to making peace more profitable than war, and along the way, creating lasting global wealth and peace and prosperity? I say, “Yes, we are.”

We may be moments away from crossing a global tipping point of epic, era-changing proportion; I suggest that our minds, collectively and globally, will respond unanimously and positively to an inspiring, uniting idealistic vision of the future. I think it is safe to suggest that many tire of the modern diet of discord, the violence, the bullying and the bi-partisanship that we are fed each day.

If you are ready for a positive alternative, one that includes reasonable milestones, please stay tuned, and be ready to help. I have a plan, and it will need a lot more people than just myself to make it a reality.

Please tell your friends. As my grandmother used to say, “Work is love made visible.” This will require equal measures of hard work, love, skill, experience, and a willingness to contribute your special expertise, whatever that may be. As such, it should be a lot of fun.

MTC (More to come)

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