Disrupting a Multi-Trillion Dollar Thirty Year Life Cycle Investment Industry

A utility’s product [electricity] is essential. Electricity is the life’s blood of our society. Electricity and day-to-day work and life and occasionally progress go hand in hand. It drives the motors that heat and cool the buildings in which we work all day. Electricity illuminates our homes and our places of work, it powers our computers and televisions, and all of our communication devices, like Smartphones and iPods. The list is endless.

Those of us who live in the developed world enjoy truly wonderful uptime statistics. I can only imagine what the percentages are, but I have to believe that the “American Grid,” taken as a national whole, must be nothing short of incredible.

Electricity Powers Our Lives

The can be no doubt that, in the future, we will continue to depend on and deploy electricity in countless and myriad ways. There is, however,  a new, and perhaps entirely disruptive scientific development which we are adding to our energy resources. Consider — the feedstock for a substantial percentage of our electricity has come in the form of combustible hydrocarbons — “stored sunlight” that took hundreds of millions of years, plus lots of heat and pressure, to form. The Photovoltaic Panel converts sunlight to DC electricity real-time. This is an era changing scientific development that is already changing the face of everyday life. PV panels are everywhere, and will continue to proliferate.

All of this is occuring within the context of well-entrenched business interests. Their world is being disrupted. What happens to their 30 year asset business model? They trundled along happily for more than a century, and can’t be expected to like what is going on. Nonetheless, this development will ultimately make people feel and be more secure, and pretty soon, a blended solution will be the norm, I should imagine.

Of course, a new kind of business will soon emerge, one that goes beyond merely selling panels that produce electricity for thirty plus years.  There is more to it than that. Think “purpose built,” with energy resources either built in or spec’d.

Don’t you think?

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