Frosting the Lightbulb and The Lessons We Can Learn

“Here is the full scoop on Marvin Pipkin’s development of the Inside Frosted Light Bulb during the roaring 1920s:

“In 1917, during the First World War, Mr. Pipkin, with his newly obtained degree in chemistry, went to work for the United States Army developing methods to combat gas warfare.  He worked as a United States government scientist in the facilities of General Electric’s  National Electric Lamp Company (NELA Park) in Cleveland, Ohio.  When the war ended, Marvin was hired by NELA Park as a chemical engineer.  As the story goes, in 1925 he was given the task of creating a strong, inside frosted light bulb.  This task had almost always been given to every new scientist or engineer who first came into NELA Park, by all accounts as a practical joke because no-one ever believed that an inside frosted bulb could ever be created.  And of course, none of them had ever succeeded.  But Marvin, despite the odds and to the astonishment of his fellow employees, hit upon the solution after several weeks of trial and error.

Get it?

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