Suspend your disbelief

If man's reach doth not exceed his grasp, what, then, are the heavens for? Robert Burns

Go ahead … suspend your disbelief for a moment, and consider …

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend, and repeated a theme that I have played for the past few years … “Utah could be one of if not the global epicenter of the world’s sustainability sector.”

I was pleased to hear him say, “You told me that a couple of years ago .,. I didn’t see it. With SunEdison buying Vivint for two billion plus, and promising to create thousands of Utah jobs, and SolarCity saying that they will create thousands more, I can see how it might happen.”

Smile. So … what about this?

Our modern lifestyles are dependent on electricity. Let’s create a Utah edutainment destination called Electra City that will explore and showcase how sustain and even improve lifestyles, all the while using less energy.

Think of Electra City as a 21st Century Epcot, eh?

More to come.

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