Min 2 – Is Peace a Radical Idea?

Patch - Another Mother for Peace

Within the context of The Overton Window, how many people would think “Peace” is a radical idea?

If you believe the Bible, there is ample evidence that being a peacemaker is a very desirable characteristic, and by implication, one worth developing, to wit:

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (KJV New Testament | Matthew 5:9)

So … is that just for “Biblical” times? How about in our day? Do we hold “peacemakers” in high esteem? Should we? Does God (if you believe, and I do, emphatically) still value peace? Probably … yes.

Do you? How much?

Has it occurred to you that, properly approached and packaged, ‘waging the peace’ could be an important part of our diplomatic arsenal, especially considering the new war in which we find ourselves engaged? Kind of a “how to make friends and influence people” offensive to augment our well-endowed defense.


P.S. The logo shown above is from Another Mother for Peace. My grandmother was, in the sixties, a charter member. I wonder … “Do mothers bear children to lose them in war?” Somehow, I doubt it.

P.P.S. The wonderful American Civil War historian Shelby Foote quoted an unnamed and stupid-stupid-stupid mid-nineteenth century politician who claimed that …

“… all the blood shed in coming war [which became The Civil War] could be mopped up with a pocket-handkerchief.”  

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