Winston’s Minutes

Headmasters and even leaders of nations would learn to respect his indominatble will

After becoming acquainted with the Churchill family, particularly Peregrine, my interest in Winston Spenser Churchill’s life and impact increased. I always liked him. I recall one story that piqued my respect for him …

Winston was sent to boarding schools at an early age. At one school, his headmaster picked on him a great deal. Winston didn’t like that one bit, and retaliated. It turns out that the Head attended the same school as a boy, and his straw boater hat was mounted in a position of prominence and theoretically, respect. After one particularly humiliating experience, Winston quietly left from his bed, thoroughly trashed the hat, and returned it so that it would be discovered. I appreciate the spirit of defiance — just because the powerful have the power, and just because the order of things is as presently defined does not mean that it will ever be thus.

The story of Sir Winston’s life bears this out, and the entire Western world owes him an immense debt of gratitude. In any case …

Winston’s multi-volume history of World War II is history at its finest. One of his gifts was to be able to boil down incredibly complex ideas in a paragraph that took about a minute (if you are a good reader, and have developed comprehension skills) to read.

Over the next few weeks, I will put forth several such “Minutes.”

It is time to try to change the world.

Stay tuned!


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