Generational Awareness – A New 21st Century Era

Spindletop was America's first great oil field. It surpassed oil production of the entire world within weeks.

Sir Winston and Cat Stevens are going to have to wait. I made a discovery, and you deserve to hear about it first.

A year, to the day, after our eldest son died (19 VII 2012), I founded a Utah Corporation called PAXNRG. Pax is the latin word for peace and NRG is phonetic for eN-eR-Gy.

I always knew PAXNRG would be a vertical market crowdfunding site. Problem was, I couldn’t put a name on the vertical market. PAX had to be a crowd funding site for “sustainble” projects and, since “paying it forward” is the key to real and lasting happiness, the PAX charter had to accommodate “pay it forward” projects too.

Fortunately (this sort of thing happens to me a lot), I made a discovery that enabled me to coin (OK … perhaps ‘borrow’ is more accurate) a term that describes the PAX’s vertical market. Fancy that. It came down like this.

Pax (the PAXNRG mascot) & Mary (about 30 years ago)

Pax (the PAXNRG mascot) & Mary (about 30 years ago)

When I started, I knew that my first project would be done with a U.S. not-for-profit named Koins for Kenya (“K4K” for short). I first met the founder of K4K about three years ago — his name is Bret van Leeuwen, although the Kenyans call him “Baba Bret.” Koins has built sixty primary schools in the past decade in Kenya’s Mnyenzeni (mn-yen-zeni) Valley. ALL the people live below the poverty line.

Bret has stuck with a theory about helping people —

“Offer them a hand up, not a hand out. A ‘hand out’ is demeaning. A “hand up” is what friends do for people they care about.”

So, for every Koins project, the residents of the Valley contribute 10% of the project cost, AND they do as much of the work as they can.  Can you feel the discovery coming on? Here goes.

On March 20th, 2015, Crossfit, the extreme fitness folks, made a donation for a primary school. By March 23rd, 2105, the people of the Mwanjama Village were digging the footings for their school.

Week One -- Mwanjama villagers digging foundation for THEIR primary school

Week One — Mwanjama villagers digging foundation for THEIR primary school

And the project proceeded rapidly. I reviewed something like 400 photographs and twenty or thirty video clips. Here is the remarkable thing!

Everybody is smiling. They are not being paid for this work. They are doing it for the betterment of … (drum roll) their children.

The crux of the discovery.

Everybody who reads what I have to say knows that I don’t just “believe in God,” I know HE IS. And herein lies a testimony of the way He made us — you may want to give this idea some careful thought.

Would a fair God say, “You can only achieve maximum happiness if you have a net worth of ___________ and live in ___________ “; or would He say, “Anyone anywhere can achieve maximum happiness if they will give of themselves to make the world a better place, especially for those who come after”?

The Mothers of Mwanjama know that their children will have a better future because of what they were able to accomplish, in 40 days.

The Mothers of Mwanjama know that their children will have a better future because of what they were able to carry out, in 40 days.

This is how I came to discover Generational Awareness. Admittedly, I am a nobody in a backwater bedroom community in Utah (aka Happy) Valley. I am a failed Democrat. I am a Republican who knows better. Hence, I am “unaffiliated” politically. I built a Crowd Funding site, but there is nobody to help me promote it, except you.

Nonetheless — Generational Awareness is what makes the vast majority of us tick.

There are people who think that “money buys happiness.” It doesn’t. Money just lets you be miserable in a better part of town.

By the way, if I did it right, here is a link to a little video I cobbled together that tells, in my own “On the Threshold of a Dream” way, the story of the beginning of Generational Awareness. Maybe you would be willing to pass it along and make it a bigger story than I can.


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