The Power of Imagination

You’ve watched the product of human imagination capture the heart of the world. It happens again, and again.

Walt Disney did it. J.K. Rowling did it. Steve Jobs. Elvis. Henry Ford. The Wright Brothers. Each took something that was in their mind, and they turned it into something solid. Their imagination transformed the world.

So how about this? Here is what I imagine.

  1. It’s time for us to change the world.
  2. Nobody in power really wants it to happen. The bankers and the politicians and the big business people — there is too much at stake.
  3. Which is why Crowd Funding is the key. It’s the way you can keep on earning a living, and every once in a while, give to a project.

Yeah — been talking about this for a while. But it’s coming.

Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.

Count on it.

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