How to fix philanthropy — easy, but hard

Matt Manos, the founder of verynice, is a thought leader — he just wrote a very good piece on LinkedIn on Philanthropy.

Of course, I had to weigh in … as follows:

Don’t you think that the Philanthropic Sector would just explode if people were to grasp the principles of “Eternal Darwinism”? Perhaps I might explain.

You will recall that the principles of “Mortal Darwinism” revolved around survival of the fittest, the supremacy of tooth and claw — the aim is to be the king of one’s own particular jungle. Which is just dandy, provided that mortality is all there is to existence. Problem is … it isn’t.

Your mortal life (mine too) is just a brief proving ground and an over-weaning desire to be the fattest, fastest rat in the race doesn’t could even count against you in the reckoning of the eternities.

The purpose of mortality is is to demonstrate that we understand that we are eternal beings engaged in a brief mortal experience AND we are all in this gig together. Those who want high marks will strive to live forgiving, kind, charitable, service-oriented, generous (you get the idea) live.

Our eternal reckoning is determined based on where you fell on the Trump (Donald) – Theresa (Mother) scale.

Make the right choices, and you are well-positioned to  accept a new assignment that is custom-made for your ongoing and eternal growth and development.

If we show up on the other side proclaiming “I died with the most toys,” we’ll find ourselves in “special ed” — a class for those who didn’t get it.

Get it?

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