For people who believe in the Illuminati and other conspiracy stories

Cyndi Perlman Fink make a classic remark about “The Illuminati”

The Illuminati are the Puppet Masters who rule the world. They convene in secret and strategize on the best way to make more money for themselves while keeping the rest of us under control.

They control all the money in the world, the banks are seeded with their members, they control the press, TV, the Internet and all the information that we get fed and are allowed to see.

I’ve heard that they’re even behind the crazy weather we’ve been having because what could be more powerful than the being able to control who gets water for their crops and who dies of hunger and thirst.

They’re behind every war that’s ever been since they started in the Middle Ages.

Wars are very, very big money makers for them.

It’s unknown how many of them there are, but from reading all of the above, knowing how heavily they are involved with The Freemasons, I don’t know about you, but I can only draw one conclusion.

They must be Jews.

After all, don’t Jews own all the banks, own Hollywood, run all the newspapers, own the Internet?


Of course, I agree with Cyndi, and added my comment, as follows:

THE TRUTH IS THIS … everything goes poorly because humans do not, as a race, use their God-given rights and responsibilities of self-determination — in other words, our brains are engaged as little of the time as possible. We are willing to accept and be satisfied (not grateful, mind you) with half a loaf.

If the people of the world said, “Screw this … we want a better world, not necessarily for ourselves, but for our children and our children’s children, and we are going to search for solutions,” then things would get better.

But Hey! It is far easier to whine and count on conspiracy theories and personal powerlessness than to get off our collective asses, work together, and figure out how to solve (or at least begin to address) our problems.

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