Orrr-rin! It’s Time to Come Home Now … heah?

I follow a guy named Sean Sandeen on Quora. He is a smart, thoughtful guy. Yesterday, we engaged in a discussion that you might find interesting.  Here goes:


While this list includes people who are now out of office, take a look at the Longest Serving Senators list.


That is insanity, on steroids. It is senseless, and was NOT part of the original constitutional plan. By allowing Senators to be elected by the popular vote, we have placed a huge boulder in the stream of America’s political process, and anointed certain fellows to drive much of our political process along. Most of them are OLD WHITE GUYS!

In America’s early days, Senators were appointed by their State Senate. Which means that, when they went off to Washington, the had a LOT of knowledgable and good people looking over the shoulders. They could also be recalled much more easily than now.

Let’s look at what has happened. I’ll use as an example a Senator from my state. King Orrin Hatch. He has been a member of the Senate for 38 years. It is said that he can pick up the phone and raise one million dollars with one phone call. Naturally, he would dispute that claim.

I find myself agreeing with a statement made by King

Did I say that? Silly me. That was BEFORE I got elected. Silly you ... for believing me!

“Did I say that? Silly me. That was BEFORE I got elected. Silly you … for believing me … but now I am king, and clever as clever, and I think I will stay king now, for ever and ever!”

Orrin when he was only Citizen Orrin — that was  during his 1977 run for Senator. He said, “What do you call a Senator who’s served in office for 18 years? You call him home.” Turn about is fair play, yes?

Maybe We the People of Utah should be calling Orrin home … “Orrin, oh Orrr-iin!  Come on in now. It is time to wash your face and hands and get cleaned up for plain old citizenship! No more fancy free Washington food for you! No Orrin … you have to give up your phone toy. I know you have lots of lobbyist friends, but you can’t play with them anymore — not for thirty-eight whole years.  I am sorry honey, but that is just the way it is. Yes, maybe you could write a song about all this. Come on … that’s it … be a good boy
We all know America’s got talent, right. Even here in Utah, there has to be someone else who is capable of being a Senator, yes?


A lot of people don’t realize that Senators usedto be elected by the state representatives and not by popular vote. The House had the representatives of the people (being elected by popular vote, representing a relatively small district, and havingto be reelected every 2 years) while Senators were a voice not just for the people but also for the states.I personally think we should go back to that.Also, definitely agree on term limits.

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