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by Jamey Johnston,,,  — Failed Democrat / Republican Who Knows Better

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. — Eldredge Cleaver

My Favorite Black Panther!

My Favorite Black Panther!

In the runup to the 2012 Presidential Election, Thomas Friedman wrote “It’s still Halftime in America” for the New York Times. He was reporting from the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The following excerpt will give you a good idea what to expect from me over the next seven days.

Dov Seidman, a business philosopher and C.E.O. of LRN, points out that when President Kennedy launched America in 1962 “on a journey to the Moon, he made a point of saying it would be done within the decade,” and “it was such a powerful, inspiring and big vision that it lived on, even though the president himself died before it was completed.” It’s been a long time since any U.S. politician “launched the country on a journey of progress so inspiring that realizing it would have to extend beyond his term in office.

”This election, notes Seidman, has largely been about “how to shift a tiny sliver of swing-state voters from one camp to the other, but no one is trying to elevate us, by taking us all, as a nation, on some daring new journey.” And a journey is not just a speech. It has to come with a strategy to rally people behind it and generate the legislation and policies needed to implement it.

I am not a politician (heaven forbid!) but I know how to elevate us and take us all on a daring new journey. You’ll hear about it over the next seven days … if someone has a better idea, let’s hear it. Otherwise, we’ll make it happen, Captain!


  • Make peace more profitable than war.
  • Create jobs and prosperity and excitement.
  • Rebrand America and have a hell-of-a-good-time doing it.
  • We’ll probably have to create a third political party.
  • Some people may not like what we’re doing. Oh well.

Until tomorrow …

Aren't you ready for some smooth riding again?

Aren’t you ready for some smooth riding again?

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