The Conundrum … Questions for The Rising Generation

I continue to return to this stat … the global middle class population will grow to 4.9 billion by 2030. What kind of example will Americans set?

Of course, I’m old. I am part of the setting generation. Let’s say you are part of the Rising Generation. I find myself wondering …

  1. Do you know that if you voted as a block, you could change things, lickety-split? There’s a presidential election in 2016. You could start a third party, and elect your own President. By the time the two parties figured out what you are doing, it would be too late.
  2. Do you realize that you have a responsibility to yourselves and to the rest of the world to assert new and better standards, and quickly? If you don’t, billions and billions of people will be buying disposable crap, consuming energy at an alarming rate, and thinking that conspicuous consumption is the key to happiness. Which it isn’t.

Hell, I’ll help you along. I guess the only thing I can do is come up with a new plan. The world really is worth saving.

It can be done. That is what democracy and freedom are all about. Of course, speaking out does, occasionally, have regrettable consequences.

Possible outcome of challenging the status quo.

Possible outcome of challenging the status quo.

Who cares? Like my mother said, “Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody lives through it.”

Here’s the deal. My promise to you is that I will craft a plan to save the world around the first of the year. Just so that we are all clear on this … we can do it.

It might even be a lot of fun.

Happy trails.

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